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Welcome to the wonderful world of My Moozik - a brand shiny new musical venture for kids designed to bridge the gap between nursery rhymes and inappropriate pop music.

The ‘My Day’ CD album comes packaged with a beautifully illustrated lyric board book by the fantastic Philip Horton. All the songs are available to stream now on all major platforms and to download on iTunes & Amazon, meaning that, wherever you are, the whole family can enjoy the first album that parents will truly love as much as kids.

This venture has been created by Lottie Faulkner, the sister (and manager) of double-platinum selling artist Newton Faulkner, who also wrote the album with his older brother Toby Faulkner and friend Jimmy Sims. It makes sense that the Faulkner team have gone in this direction; their father, Keith Faulkner is a celebrated children’s author with well-known best-seller such as The Wide Mouth Frog. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, they’ve also got John Davis on board to master the album who’s discography reads like a who’s who of music!

Lottie says, “We wanted to create an album of very high quality music that kids and grown ups can enjoy together that hopefully also makes those (often tough) jobs such as making friends, eating greens and going to bed, just that little bit easier."

As well as offering families an album that won’t make parents want to tear their hair out, the album has also been designed to support kids and their development. The songs explore key themes such as kindness, making friends, why we learn, why we have to eat our greens and everything in-between and the album has taken into account the role that music can play when it comes to helping children manage their routine and develop their emotional intelligence.

Dr. Rosanna Edey, a researcher in developmental neuropsychology, says, "We sometimes forget that children's brains work very differently to adults, which can make simple tasks seem much harder. All through childhood their brains are busily absorbing information from their environments as they build a neural network to help them make sense of everything around them. Music is an ideal way to engage children and help them learn. At around age four, children start to get much better at detecting basic features of music, like temp and mode, which is why simple nursery rhymes start to get a bit boring! The more complex and varied songs in "My Moozik" is therefore not only more interesting to the developing brain, but it also helps to scaffold a route and teaches some important social lessons.

My Moozik will also be donating a percentage of the profits to primary schools around the country to help fund music lessons for kids unable to access them.

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